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me, myself and Jesus.

Hey guys! Welcome to my site. I've started growing a bit of an audience on YouTube and have decided to expand that to all the readers out there! 

Lately I've noticed how much I crave hearing Christians open up about their own personal struggles. It's been one thing I haven't heard about much, I've always thought if they're Christian, they don't struggle, which I could never relate to!  

I've grown so much in 2018 and it's all thanks to Jesus! I want to write about it! So I'll be writing on here with the hope that it can encourage someone  (and if not, at least it'll encourage me, or my future self).


I love Jesus, why aren't I happy? Part 1.

It's a weird feeling to have dealt with anxiety and depression for years as a Christian. It has constantly felt wrong. I should be happy,...


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